how to block someone on gmail

Guide to How to block someone on Gmail: On Computer or Phone:

Here’s What You Need To Know About Blocking Someone On Gmail

Tired of spam emails in your Gmail account or your preset filters aren’t coming in handy? Well, saving your email accounts especially the Gmail account is quite important. However, not everyone is familiar with the process of blocking someone on Gmail accounts. Besides, one can easily block someone on the Gmail account but once this is done, the access to the blocked sender’s messages is revoked as well.

In addition, Gmail accounts are accessible on both mobile and desktop, and this is why one should know about the blocking process on both the devices. So, if you are someone who has becomes irritated with the spam emails and the unwanted ones as well, then here’s how to block someone on Gmail.

Quick Steps To Block Someone On Gmail: On Computer

The following steps will guide to blocking someone on Gmail on PC.

  • At first visit the Gmail sign-in page on your PC’s web browser, then enter the credentials (your email address or phone number & password) for accessing to your account.
  • Now, click next, then select the email that you don’t wish to see anymore, and then hit the three dots icon at the right of the sender's name.  
  • Select the Block (Sender Name) option from the drop-down list, and then press Block to confirm.
  • Hereafter, you’ll not be receiving emails from the blocked sender. Moreover, if you wish to block someone else on your Gmail account, then you can follow the same steps again.

How To Block Someone On Gmail: On Mobile

The following steps on blocking someone on Gmail are applicable on both iPhone and Android.

  • At first, get access to your Gmail application, then log into it (if needed), and then select the message who sender you wish to block.
  • Now, tap on the three dots icon on the right, and then tap on “Block [sender]."
  • Hereafter, you’ll be notified with the confirmation message above the email about the successfully blocked message.

Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding how to block someone on Gmail, then get connected to the experts at Gmail for further assistance.


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