Fix Problems in Downloading and Installing Google Chrome

Downloading and Installing Google Chrome

Steps to Fix issues downloading and installing Google Chrome in your system

Google Chrome has been one of the frequently used web browser which provide the best browsing experience to the users making it convenient for them to manage their web related work. It provides different features to the users related to the managing browsing history, working on multiple tabs, getting access of websites and many more features making it convenient for the users to work on it.

For working on the chrome browser, it is necessary for the users to get it download and installed on their system which will make it easy for them to work. In order to get the browser, users are required to go to the website where they can get all the instructions to download the browser and make it possible for them to work on it.

While installing the browser it sometimes happens that the users might get error causing difficulty for them in their work. There might be different reasons due to which they face issue in their work.

Getting too many script errors in Google Chrome

It might happen that the users get too many script errors in the google chrome causing issue to them. In case of such issue, users are advised to go through certain useful steps

  • Click on the wrench icon
  • Select tools and then settings option
  • Under the sign in category, click on  advance sync settings button
  • Select the choose what to sync option from drop down box
  •  Uncheck all the boxes
  • Click on the OK button

These steps will help the users to overcome the issue of getting script error and allow them to work on it.

Getting too many adware prompts in Google Chrome

A very pathetic situation which comes to the user is that they find too many adware which are unwanted to them and make it difficult for them to manage their browsing on it.

  • Remove unwanted programs from chrome
  • Download the chrome cleanup tool website
  • Run the cleanup tool on the site
  • Reset the browser
  • Reset the browser settings

If users still face any issue while working on the browser then they can also call on the Google Chrome customer service phone number.

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