Google Chrome Password Recovery Ways

A guide to Google Chrome Password Recovery: How do I recover the saved password in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a sophisticated digital asset that has an augmented the browsing experience of a user. Google Chrome offers various advanced features to its users which includes the password manager. You can use this feature to save and manage the password(s) for certain websites. This feature also enables the user to regain any lost password and complete the Google Chrome password recovery process.

How to recover the saved password in Google Chrome?

You can easily recover the password on Google Chrome for any website, whose password is stored on chrome with this process.

  • To begin with, open your desktop device and launch the Google Chrome application on it. In the new tab, click on the three-dots which are located on the top-right side of the screen.

  • From the list of available options, select the Settings and navigate to the Autofill section to choose Passwords.

  • Here, you need to go to the Saved Passwords list, select the website for which you want to see the saved password.

  • Next, you are required to click on the More options and a pop-up box will appear on the screen. Here, you need to select the eye option adjacent to the fully encrypted password.

  • To complete the Google Chrome password recovery, you need to enter your windows password. In the end, you need to click on OK to complete this process. 

How to recover the saved password in Android for Google Chrome app?

You can use your android phone to recover the password saved in the Google Chrome application. For this, you need to follow this process.

  • First, you need to launch the Google Chrome browser on the home screen of the Android device.

  • Once the Google Chrome app is launched, tap on the three-dotted line and select Settings. In the Basics list, tap on Passwords option for the Google Chrome password recovery.

  • Next, you need to check the password list. Select the website for which you want to recover the password. Tap on the website and you will receive details about the site with a username and hidden password.

  • Now, you need to tap on the eye option and complete the process by verifying your identity. For this, you can either use an unlock pattern or fingerprint (depending upon your choice).

How to recover the Google Chrome saved password from a syncing device?

You can also recover any of the passwords saved in your Google Chrome account by any syncing device. Here, you need to follow these steps to recover your saved passwords.

  • For using the Google Chrome password recovery on another device, first, you need to open Google Chrome on that device. 

  • Here, you need to visit the settings section and start the sign-in process of your google chrome account.

  • Select the sync option and type a paraphrase for your account and then submit it. Now, navigate to the passwords section and check the website to get its saved password.

  • After selecting the eye option, type the unlock password of your device to recover the saved password.

You can contact the 24/7 active Google Customer service by using the available contact options. This will enable you to receive the required details about the Google Chrome password recovery process.


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