Google Drive error 401 Unauthorized

How to fix google drive error 401 unauthorized?

Google Drive is the application from Google used to save the data and other details for the users who have created their account with Google. It can also be used as a backup option for users. Users are quite satisfied with the type of services and functions offered by Google Drive. But, just like grass does not remain green the whole year, similarly, no application works flawlessly. Hence, if you are such a user who is facing issues with Google Drive then you shall not panic as there is no such issue that cannot be resolved. Every issue can be resolved. Hence, if you are facing Google error 401 and do not know how to get it resolved then you can refer to the information mentioned further in this article. 

Reasons for Google Drive Error 401! 

  1. When you have not deleted the cookies and caches of the application from the settings. 
  2. If your Google Drive is getting the issue of plugin incompatibility. 
  3. When you mistakenly have landed on the incorrect URL when logging into a web browser. 
  4. Also, if using the application you have not updated it to the latest version. 

And there can be many other issues that can cause Google Drive error 401 unauthorized and create hindrances when using it. To get the issues resolved you can refer to the steps mentioned further in this article. 

Resolutions to Fix Google Drive Error 401! 

  1.  You can start by clearing the cookies and caches from the settings of the application. 
  2. To fix the plugin issue, you can remove it and then add it once again. 
  3. Check the URL when using Google Drive on a web browser. If you have landed on the wrong one then choose the right one. 
  4. Update the version of your Google Drive application. 

If your issue did not resolve then you are free to get in touch with the customer support of Google Drive.  


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