How can you share a printer wirelessly

Share a printer wirelessly

Share a printer wirelessly

Printer is very much part of every office and many homes as well. We all know that we use printer to print documents, images so on. Now when you are using one device and one printer then you can connect it to your device with wire and use it to print. But what if your device is away from printer and you cannot connect with long wire. Well, you can share a printer wirelessly. You can also share a single printer to many devices and by giving command from any device you can print from the same printer.

Before you share a printer wirelessly you need following materials:

  • You need to have a printer with sharing capabilities.
  • You need a computer connected to the network.
  • You need a wireless router.
  • You need an Internet connection.

Steps to share a printer wirelessly

  1. First you need to make sure that both the computer and the printer are turned on. Then connect the printer to one of the computers connected to the network.
  2. After that check if the printer's drivers have been updated. If it has not been, then look at the printer's manufacturer's website to see the latest drivers. From the website, download the one you need for your printer.
  3. After doing that open the 'Start Menu' in your desktop and then search for 'Control Panel'. Then click the icon to open this folder. Look for the 'Printers' or the 'Printers and Other Hardware' window under 'Control Panel'.
  4. After that look for the printer which you want to include in the network. Now right-click on the printer's icon and then choose 'Sharing' from the menu.
  5. If you have Windows Operating System, then look in the 'Add Printer Wizard,' for 'Browse for Printer' option. Then, look for the Windows network, and then scroll down the workgroup to the shared printer. Your printer will have the name you assigned earlier. Once you choose the shared printer, click to connect. Doing this will ensure that the shared printer will appear in the printer’s dialog box when printing.
  6. If you are a Mac user, then look for 'Printer Utility' and then run the 'Printer Browser'. Select 'More Printers...' in order to look for the printers included in the network. Now choose 'Windows Printing,' and scroll down through the workgroup until you see the computer with the printer attached. Now you can select the name of the computer, then encode the printer name but leave the password blank.
  7. You should choose 'Ok' after so that you save all changes and make the printer completely accessible to the clients of the wireless network. It is the best to also add the printer to the firewall's list of approved devices. When you do this then it would not be 'blocked' when launched. Also, users of Windows Vista will need a user's account login information to access the shared printer.

Printer technical support number

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