How do I fix a black screen on my HP laptop

HP laptop is a very good brand and millions of people use HP laptop in the world. When you use HP laptop then sometimes you see a black screen on your HP laptop when you want to fix it. You want to ask How do I fix the black screen on my HP laptop. Well, you can fix the issue and if you have windows operating system on your laptop then you can follow some simple steps and fix the issue. If somehow you are not able to solve your issue then you can visit HP Laptop Customer Service help page through which you can easily solve your problem. you can also talk to the HP printer support technicians to resolve your problem.

How do I fix a black screen on my HP laptop in windows 10

First of all HP laptop is a good laptop brand and so you will not see black screen issue on windows 10 quite often. However, sometime you may face this issue that something goes wrong and your HP laptop window 10 displays a black screen or blank screen. This issue may occur before you sign into Windows 10 after you sign into Windows 10, with spinning dots and also during set up guide. Now you want to fix the issue and you can fix them separately.

Now if you see HP laptop windows 10 black screen errors happens before you sign into windows 10 then you can follow below steps to fix it.

1.      The first thing you can do is that you check your connection. If there is a connection problem with your HP laptop display then you can try below things:

a.       If you are using an HP laptop then you should see that display of the laptop is plugged in and also turned on. In case there is a TV connected to your HP laptop then you should ensure it is turned on and also set to the input for your laptop. You can try to connect to different video outputs on your laptop. Sometimes a change in the driver can also create a problem and cause the video to be sent to a different display adapter or output. If you have your own display adapter installed and connected to your HP display then you can try to connect your display to the built-in video on the motherboard.

b.      You can try removing or update third-party antivirus software if there is any from your laptop. You need to know that there is some third-party antivirus software which may cause black screens. You can remove such antivirus software as it does not leave your laptop unprotected because Windows Defender Antivirus will kick in if there is no other antivirus software running.

c.       You can perform a clean boot of your HP laptop.

d.      You need to check if your laptop’s video card is supported by Windows 10 or not.

So by following the above tips, you can fix the issue of HP black screen error on windows 10.

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