How Do I Start Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode

How do I start firefox in safe mode

Start Firefox in Safe Mode

Mozilla firefox is one of the easiest and frequently used web browsers for the users as it provides multiple features to the users making it very helpful for them to browse content online, it is helpful for both the personal as well as professional uses helping them to make their work updated.

It allows the users to work on multiple tabs, manage their browsing history, set favourites and many more features. Apart from different features it provides to the users, there are certain issues also which users face while working on it. Sometimes users seek the answer for how to fix the Mozilla firefox web browser if it will not start, as this issue might cause trouble to them in their work. Users are advised to start the browser in the safe mode which will help them to keep it safe. For doing this, users are required to follow the given steps

  • Open Mozilla firefox
  • Click on the menu option
  • Click on the help option in menu and then restart with add-ons disabled
  • Skip down to continue in safe mode
  • Open the help option and select restart with add-ons disable
  • Click on restart with add-ons disabled
  • Select continue
  • Disable add-ons one by one

If these steps doesn’t work then users are required to immediately call on the Mozilla firefox technical support number and interact with the experts to get the best deals for their issues.

How Do I Stop Firefox from Asking me to Update

It becomes annoying for the users working on the firefox browser when it repeatedly asks for the update of the browser. It makes the users feel annoying. In order to overcome the issues, users can go to tools>options>Advanced>update in order to stop this. They should call on the Mozilla firefox cutomer service number to interact with the experts.

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