How to Change the Facebook Cover Photo on iPhone

Change the Facebook Cover Photo on iPhone

Change the Facebook Cover Photo on iPhone

Turned into the most popular way to get in touch with the friends and family members, the Facebook profile has become a status symbol in the era of digitalization. As they reflect your personality, it is not abnormal if you want to change the profile photo or the cover photo. But the change is not an easy job without the assistance taken from Facebook Technical Helpline Number. Our today's post is composed carefully to tell you the process of changing your Facebook cover photo on your iOS device.

Step to change the Facebook cover photo on iPhone: -

  • Go to your upper right portion of your profile’s timeline
  • Click on your name
  • You will be gradually taken to your timeline
  • The cover image will appear as blank
  • We recommend you click on it
  • After you click on it, you will get the [Change Cover] option
  • You can choose one of the available options
  1. Upload a new photo
  2. Reposition your photo
  3. Delete your cover photo
  • The first option is suggested to you
  • You either need to choose to click a new photo or upload a photo
  • Here you can easily upload a photo from your albums
  • Adjust the photo according to your desired position
  • The [Save] button will be found in the bottom section
  • Your cover photo will be uploaded successfully

How to create a Facebook page for business?

The given tutorial is applicable for you if you are using the Safari browser. You may not get it fruitful in case you are using Facebook app on your iPhone. This section will help you in creating a Facebook page for your business organization. How to create a Facebook page for business, however, requires accurate technical assistance from Facebook experts.

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As soon as you ask for a help at Facebook Customer Service Number, these experts come forward to help you with their domain knowledge and years of experience. The customer service team is actually promised to solve all the mentioned problems and it is doing this job with optimum professionalism. Get a Facebook page for your business firm or get the existing account deactivated.

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