How to check Centurylink email

Check Centurylink email

Steps to check Centurylink email

When you want to know how to check your emails on Centurylink this simply means that you need the information on how you can read your Centurylink email. You can read it by forwarding Centurylink emails to other email service like your Gmail, Hotmail or other email account from Centurylink. So when you are looking for this and if you want to check your Centurylink email then you can follow these steps;

  1. First you need to login and then click on to ‘My account’.
  2. After that you need to click ‘Manage’ under ‘Domains’.
  3. In the next step you need to choose and click on the domain for which you want to set up email forwarding.
  4. Once you do this, in the Email forwarding row you need to click on ‘Edit’ button. Here in the ‘Username’ column you need to type a mailbox name and then in the ‘Forward to’ column you need to type in the forwarding email address which might be your Gmail or Hotmail address.

So by following above simple steps you can forward your Centurylink on other email clients like Gmail or Hotmail and then check your Centurylink email there.

You can follow above mentioned steps to check your Centurylink emails.

Centurylink customer service

You just saw the process above how to check your Centurylink email but it may happen that still you don’t get it completely because of various reasons. So, if still you cannot do it on your own or you have any other requirement for information on Centurylink which is bothering you and hampering your work then feel free to Contact CenturyLink Customer service team for help. You can access it for 24/7 as the Century Link customer service team works round the clock to offer you the best and quickest information and solution whichever you may need at that point of time. CenturyLink Customer service team always takes pride in helping all its customers across the world.

Centurylink technical support number

CenturyLink technical support team always helps the users for various technical problems day in and day out. CenturyLink technical support team is always ready to helps its user when they need solution from Centurylink technical support team for all common and critical issues. CenturyLink technical support team guides you in fixing various CenturyLink email issues quite effectively. So if you are one troubled by any technical issue like Centurylink Email setup, how to manage your Email account or in knowing how to reset your Centurylink email password then you should seek Centurylink technical support by dialing Centurylink technical support number.


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