How to Create a New Folder in Outlook

Create a New Folder in Outlook

Add Folder on Outlook

Outlook is quite a popular email platform used by millions in the world. Outlook has multiple features but you may not be aware of all those. One feature is adding folder on Outlook. Now you would like to know how to add folder on Outlook? To add folder you need to go to Then you can follow a set of steps to add folder on Outlook.

Steps to add a folder on Outlook :-

Now if you want to add a folder on Outlook then you can follow below steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Sign in to your Outlook account.
  3. Now click + symbol which is there next to the word “Folders” at the top panel.
  4. Now type a new name for your new folder.
  5. Now press Enter or Return to save your new folder. To create a subfolder beneath your new folder, right-click the new folder and select Create New Subfolder.

This is how you can add a folder on Outlook.

Outlook Technical Support Number

It is known to all that Outlook is a Microsoft’s product and Outlook is used worldwide by millions of users for easy communication purpose via email service as it offers several features. So Microsoft offers support or help to its customers in multiple ways when they need it. One can go online to the official support page of Microsoft and choose Outlook and see and can get the help which is there in the form of readily available information on Outlook. You also have the option to get help via email, live chat or community page about your Outlook account. If still you don’t find your issue solved then you can dial Outlook Technical Support Number to get help related to your Outlook account.

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