How to Download And Install Safari On Windows 7

Install Safari On Windows 7

Steps to Install Safari On Windows 7

Safari is popular and free web browser developed and managed by Apple. It was first released in 2003 exclusive with iOS systems.  It is a default web browser with all Apple devices. People like to use Safari, as it is user-friendly, loaded with features and very fast. It has large user base from all over the world. People also want to use Safari in their windows system but Apple discontinued the service from 2012.

Still you can download and install Safari on Windows7. Here we will discuss about how download and install Safari on Windows systems with some easy steps.

  • Open any bowser in your windows7 system
  • Now go to the link
  • Choose and save Safarisetup.exe in your PC
  • After finishing download the file, run the installer and wait till the installation complete
  • Make sure you uncheck to make it a default browser
  • After installation complete, launch the Safari to use it on your windows system.

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