how to fix gmail sign in error on android?

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In today’s world, almost every person who uses Internet has a Gmail account. According to Google, above a billion users have an account on Gmail. It is not just an unthinking imitation of the people by seeing the whole crowd, but the excellent features and services of Gmail, which lures the users to make an account and send the mails through it. However, the Gmail users get frustrated at a time when they encounter errors or complex problems in their Gmail account for which they dial the Gmail Technical support number. The issues, which are faced most commonly by the Gmail users include the errors while changing the password, signing it to their account on their PC or mobiles, creating a new account, account getting blocked, sending and receiving the messages, server configuration errors, adding a signature, attaching the large files, adding alternative email address, etc.

But, the majority of the Gmail users face the Google Sign-in error on Android Phone. Mentioned below are the alternatives to fix this error of signing in their Android mobiles:

  Method 1: If you are trying to sign in to your Google account from a different location or on someone else’s Android Smartphone, then visit on the browser from that smartphone and follow the on screen instructions in order to get access to your Google account

    Method 2: If you are using an app other than Gmail to sign in to your Google account, then uninstall that app or download a more secured app from the Google Play Store or the last option in this case is to visit on your browser and selecting Allow to let that particular app getting access to your Gmail account.

  Method 3: If you are trying to get access to your Google account on a device, which do not support the two step verification, then go to in order to get the necessary steps to turn on the two step verification on that particular device.

    Method 4: On your browser, visit, enter the details asked and try to sign in again in your Google app.

In case, the above-mentioned methods do not help you to gain access to sign in to your Gmail account, then instantly dial the Gmail Help Center Number anytime 24 X 7 and 365 days to get the help from our experienced technicians.


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