How to fix windows search not working

What are the best solutions to fix windows search when it is not working?

Is your windows search not working, and you are looking for the best solutions for fixing the problem? Windows users, many times, encounter difficulty while using its search feature that might happen due to small errors. Most of the time windows searches do not work due to a very simple software glitch. Windows search is quite an essential feature for finding any documents, or files on a computer virtually. That is why when windows search doesn't work correctly, it becomes frustrating for the users to find every file on their device manually. Therefore, the solutions for troubleshooting windows search not working problem efficiently are discussed below.

Learn the best techniques to fix when windows search do not work?

Many people have reported the error of windows search is not working on their device. At first, you can try fixing the windows when the search bar is not working by yourself with the help of a few simple troubleshooting methods. Hence, the most suitable methods to fix Windows 10 search not working problem are explained below:

Restart the search bar and your device

  • Restarting the device or the app that is not working is the most common advice to get rid of any issues
  • Therefore, at first, you are suggested to restart the search bar in your windows device and check whether it is working properly or not
  • The next, the thing you can do when windows search still not working is that restart your device and check again that the windows search error gone or not

Launch windows troubleshooter

  • Access your windows device settings and navigate towards the Update & security tab
  • Further, you have to select the Troubleshoot options from there
  • Then navigate to the Find and fix other problems option
  • After that, you have to choose the search and indexing option
  • Then tap on Run the troubleshooter button and tick mark files don’t appear on search  
  • At last, hit the next button and then follow on-screen instructions to finish the task

Reset windows search bar

  • Tap on the start button on your windows computer and then go to the settings
  • From the settings navigate towards the system and then look for about section
  • Then go to the specifications of the window from the about tab and reset the search bar from there

Fix windows search via index settings

  • Open the settings of your windows device and then tap on the search button
  • Further, select the windows search bar and choose the advanced search indexer settings
  • Then on the indexing option screen, you have to click the advanced tab
  • Next on the advanced screen select index settings and go to the troubleshooting section
  • At last, you have to hit the rebuild button and then choose the OK button to save the settings

Check latest updates for windows

  • Windows search bar might not be working when your device is not updated to the latest version
  • Therefore access your system settings and then go to the Update & security section
  • After that navigate towards the windows updates section and check for the latest available updates
  • At the update your windows and then check whether the search bar is working or not by trying again

These are the best approaches to get rid of the Windows search bar not working problem on your device. Other than this, you can also receive assistance from the tech care center regarding the better resolutions for the windows search is not working trouble. These technical care executives are experts in their field so they can provide a much better solution to get rid of the windows search problem in real-time when it is not working in a proper way.


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