How To Recover Apple ID Password Without Mobile Number

Forgetting the password has become a very common event. And if you are one such user who has forgotten your Apple account password then you do not have to panic. The user can still get back his account. And this can be done by following the steps below.

These steps will help you in getting back your Apple account in simple ways.

Simple Ways to Reset Apple ID Password:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the link from the search bar at the top of the page.
  2. Enter the username that you want to recover and then tap “Next”.
  3. Tap on “forgot password?” option at the bottom of the field and then you will be redirected to Apple ID password recovery page.
  4. As you do not have a phone number with you then you can choose the option to recover using email.
  5. Apple will ask to check the email linked to the account and then you will be required to tap “Next”.
  6. A verification email is sent to the alternate email address mentioned in the Apple ID at the time of creating it. Check the verification code in the inbox.
  7. Enter the same code in the screen space mentioned and then tap “Next”.
  8. Apple will take a few minutes to check the email and then allow you to create a new password.
  9. Hence, enter the password that is strong and easy at the same time in the first box.
  10. Enter the same password again in the second and then tap “OK” to confirm.
  11. The password is changed successfully and the user can now log into the account.

With the help of the above steps, the users can easily recover their Apple ID and now can edit the phone number.

Recovery of Apple ID account with security questions:

You can use all Apple services and products with an Apple account. Apple ID account is a secure account that has many other features also, due to which it is prominently used by the Apple users. Apple ID account is an authentication method by Apple, which allows the users to access the services of Apple. In case you have forgotten your Apple ID account, you can refer to the details.

Recover Apple ID account:

For the recovery of an Apple ID account, you can use various recovery options. If you have forgotten your Apple ID, you can recover it using the recovery phone number or any trusted Apple device. When you don't remember the Apple ID, Apple will verify your identity and then provide your ID or username of your Apple account. If you want to recover Apple Id with security questions, it is not allowed.

In case you have forgotten the password, it can be easily recovered with easy methods:

  • Using security questions
  • Using phone and email

You can choose among the options and accordingly recover your Apple Id account password. It is required to access any of the Apple services linked to your Apple account.

If you are still left with any query, you can contact the technical support of Apple. The technical executives of the support team are available for any assistance related to the services and products of Apple. To get in touch, you can browse the contact section of Apple and use the relevant contact info.

Still Unable to Recover? Contact Apple Support!

In case the user is still unable to get the Apple account access back then he can try to answer security questions and check. In case he is still unable to get back the account then he can contact Apple Support which is 24/7 active.


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