How to remove virus from pendrive

Remove virus from pendrive

Remove virus from pendrive

The job of an antivirus program is to remove the computer virus infection on your PC or laptop. But you should know that there is something called Shortcut Virus. It can be said that shortcut virus is a new modern virus that automatically comes in your computer or USB or SD card. What it does it that it converts all of your content into a shortcut. In some cases, this virus makes your content invisible and then you will see that the storage is full. You can note the the first thing that the antivirus program does not remove Shortcut Virus problem even while scanning the shortcut virus infected location with one. You will simply see "No threat detected". People generally perform a format of pen drive who don't know how to get rid of this virus. However you need not do it anymore. This virus is a result of an internet or third party software, USB storage, and more. Sometime when you connect a pen drive to your friend's computer for storing important data without knowing that the computer is already infected with the shortcut virus then in this process your pen drive also gets infected. Now when you connect the pen drive back to your computer, the virus becomes the part of your computer also. You need to remove this virus from pendrive before you connect it to your computer.

Steps to remove virus from pendrive

Now when you doubt or know that your pen drive is infected with virus then you want to remove it. You can remove the virus manually from the pen drive from the command prompt on your computer. You can follow below steps for that:

  • First open the same from Start and search for cmd.
  • Then on cmd, you need to make a right click and then select the option "Run as Administrator".
  • After that you need to type the USB's letter and hit enter. You can get the USB's letter from My Computer. Type del".Ink and press enter and then attrib -s -r -h *.* /s.d/l/ and hit enter.

This is how you can remove virus from your pen drive.

Pendrive technical support number

Pendrive is a very handy accessories and it works as a secondary storage device. It has become a part of our life to store our important data especially for professional works and big volume data. But because it is an IT product it will have some technical problems like you saw one above that how to remove virus from your pendrive. For any technical issue with your pen drive you can dial our pendrive technical support number and get the solution.

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