How to set up Zoho account on iPhone

Set up Zoho account on iPhone

Zoho mail customer service

Zoho is popular software used for enterprise use. These days popularity of Zoho is increasing as companies find Zoho very useful for their sales process integration. You can use free and paid service of Zoho mail. You can create your account and the also account for subordinates in the office whom you can assign tasks at various levels. Now it is easy to understand that Zoho mail is not small software so it requires customer service support regularly. When you need Zoho mail customer service then you can get it from Zoho which is a great company which offers best customer service.

Set up Zoho account on iPhone

When you want to set up Zoho account on your iPhone then you can follow below steps:

  1. First step is to open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. After that you need to tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Now you need to select Add Account.
  4. Then tap Microsoft Exchange in the next step.
  5. After that enter your Zoho Mail address (using "" or your own domain) under Email.
  6. Enter your Zoho Mail address again under Username.
  7. In the next step tap your Zoho Mail password under Password. You can leave the Domain field as blank here.
  8. As an option, type "Zoho Mail" or whatever you wish under Description instead of "Exchange".
  9. Now tap Next.
  10. Enter "" under Server.
  11. After that tap Next.
  12. You must make sure that Mail is ON. If you want to synchronize contacts and calendars with the Zoho suite as well, then make sure the respective settings are ON.
  13. Tap Save to complete the process.

This is how you can set up Zoho account on iPhone.

What are the benefits of Zoho support?

When you want to contact third party Zoho support team then you want to know what benefits you will get with third party Zoho support. If you buy our Zoho support service then you will get many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Quick response.
  2. 24 hours service.
  3. Instant support.
  4. Support from the expert.
  5. Customized support.
  6. Cost effective support.
  7. Detailed information or solution.

We help you with the following issues

When you need help for Zoho account it is better to know what can be issues with Zoho and though we offer all round help for Zoho but some of the issues out of those are mentioned below:

  1. My Zoho account is down.
  2. How to set up single Zoho account?
  3. How to set up multiple Zoho account?
  4. How to set up Zoho account on multiple devices?
  5. How to recover Zoho mail password if forgot?
  6. How to manage record in Zoho?
  7. How to upgrade Zoho account etc.

How can you reach to the customer support team?

There are many ways in which you can reach our Zoho customer support team. You can reach us through phone, through email, through live chat and on the official website of Zoho. You can also reach us through our social media platform and if you need you will also get remote assistance.

Zoho mail technical support number

It is known fact now that Zoho is quite popular software or application. Number of small and big businesses using Zoho is increasing. They use Zoho software for better sales and customer support processes integration. The big benefit of Zoho is that you can set up Zoho account on all kinds of devices like computer, smart phone and tablet. With Zoho in your organisatins you can assign tasks and integrate all the process with Zoho. It is easy to use and people find it user friendly also and they like it in their office and home for their personal and employees use big time. This is why it has gained huge popularity among its users now for its great features in recent times. Many organisations use Zoho for better CRM. But like any IT product Zoho may also create some technical problems. So when there is any technical problem you are facing while using Zoho then you should surely look to contact Zoho technical support number for instant support.

Zoho mail customer service phone number

Zoho is software for business and professional people. By creating a free Zoho or paid email account and set up also paid account for your enterprise you can take advantage of it. When you buy a paid up account then you get multiple functionality with Zoho for your organisation. It offers so many features and it has rich webmail interface. Zoho is a powerful app and that is why many use it for business reasons. By using Zoho you can get better integration of sales and customer support processes with Zoho. And when you are using Zoho mail and you need any information about Zoho mail then you can get instant solution for Zoho mail through Zoho customer service by calling Zoho mail customer service number.


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