How to set up Zoho mail to send and receive emails

set up Zoho mail to send and receive emails

Setup Zoho mail to send and receive emails

Zoho is for business and professional people and has a feature rich webmail interface. It is a powerful app used by many for business reasons. Using Zoho one can can get better integration of sales and customer support processes. So when you are using Zoho and find any issue while operating it then you should immediately look for contacting Zoho. For this you can dial Zoho mail customer care number.

Steps to Setup Zoho mail to send and receive emails

You can access Zoho mail via IMAP using the configuration method as given below.

  1.  You need to login to your Webmail.
  2. After you have logged in you need to enable IMAP access for your account before you can configure IMAP in the email client. In case you have enabled two factor authentication then you may need application specific password to set up Zoho mail on other device.
  3. Go to Settings and there choose POP/IMAP and email forwarding option.
  4. Now select Enable under IMAP access.
  5. You need to configure Auto Expunge and Folder view settings here.
  6. Now you need to enter following IMAP details:

            a.   incoming server name:

            b.   port: 993

           c.    username:

         7.  Now enter Incoming server and outgoing server settings as below:

            a. Incoming server name:

            b.Port: 993
            b. Require SSL: Yes  
            c. Username :

Outgoing Server Settings:

            a. Outgoing Server Name:
            b. Port: 465 with SSL or
            c. Port: 587 with TLS
            d. Require Authentication: Yes

      8.Now enter your Zoho user name or your Zoho email address.

      9.Now enter your Zoho email password.

This is how you can set up Zoho mail to send and receive emails.

Zoho mail helpline number

Zoho is a software or application which is used by business or professionals for better sales and customer support processes integration. It is hugely popular now and many organisations use Zoho for better CRM. If you face any issue with your Zoho mail then look to contact Zoho mail helpline number for instant help.

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