How to sync Sbcglobal email account with windows 10

Sync Sbcglobal email account

Sync SBCglobal email account with windows 10

SBCglobal email account is among the leading email service provider making it easy for the users to manage their email related work and provide them the best communication work. It is accessible for the users to manage their different job ad make it easy for them to work.

The SBCglobal account work on the windows 10 also which makes it easier for the users to work and manage their communication. But it sometimes happens that the SBCglobal email account is not able to sync with windows 10 which might cause trouble to the users in their work. In such situation, users need not to be worried as they can follow steps to sync SBCglobal email account with windows 10 and make it easy for them to work on their account.

  • Click on cog to open the settings menu
  • Select the accounts option
  • Click on the add account
  • Enter the account details
  • Choose advanced setup instead of other account
  • Choose internet email
  • Give a name to the account
  • Provide the server settings
  • Enter the user name and password in the section

These steps will help the users to get the access of their SBCglobal email account on windows 10 and allow them to work easily on it. If the users find any issue then they are free to call on the SBCglobal technical support number and interact with the technical experts to get the proper solution for their issues and work. The experts will be available 24/7 and provide the solution to the users.

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