How to update internet explorer in windows 7

Update internet explorer in windows 7

Update internet explorer in windows 7

Web browser is quite essential because without a browser you cannot operate internet activities. There are some very good browsers like Internet Explorer offered by Microsoft. Internet Explorer is a Microsoft web browser which millions of people use on their system. Windows is also Microsoft operating system which they keep upgrading from time to time. In this process in 2012 Microsoft officially phased out support for Internet Explorer versions 7 through 10. This means that Microsoft will no longer release security update patches for the Internet Explorer browser. All those who use other browsers and not the Microsoft Web browser may have ignored this news, but millions of those who use IE should be paying attention to what IE version they have installed. In order to still using IE better with all security update patches you should update internet explorer in windows 7. For this you can update Internet explorer directly from Microsoft.

Steps to update internet explorer in windows 7

You can follow below steps to update internet explorer in windows 7:

  1. Open your computer and then click on the Start icon on the bottom left.
  2. Then type in Internet Explorer in search box.
  3. Then select Internet Explorer.
  4. Now click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Then select About Internet Explorer.
  6. Now you can check the box which you can see next to Install new versions automatically.
  7. Then click Close.

Once you do this then Internet Explorer will automatically stay up to date, keeping Windows' internet services patched.

Internet explorer technical support number

Internet Explorer is among the the most used browser for both personal and office PCs in the world. Millions of people for long time have found Internet Explorer which is popularly known as IE a very good browser and also easy to use. You can use IE as search engine and on Microsoft based operating systems like windows, IE is loaded by default. It offers various add ons and extensions also using which you can browse any website without any extra software. Yes, IE is great but IE is not free from technical bugs. However the good thing is that you have support also available. When you face a technical bug with Internet Explorer you have Internet Explorer technical support in place as well. You will get service solution for all technical issues when you contact our Internet Explorer technical support team.

Whenever you are facing any kind of technical glitch with Internet Explorer which is bothering you, you can find and dial Internet explorer technical support number support. This number is absolutely toll free and you can talk to technical expert to get the best solution services from the experts who would resolve your issues. You can talk to us for free by calling our technical support number which works 24X7 round the year.

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