Spectrum Email Setup and Server Settings

Spectrum Email Set Up: What are Spectrum Email Server Settings?

Spectrum email has been gaining significance in the market because of its extra-ordinary features and user-friendly interface. But, if you want to make the best use of it, you will have to set it up or configure it. Some users are not aware of how you can configure the settings, so we are here to provide you with the steps.

The customer care experts are the best answer to learn more about the spectrum email setup. They will tell you the process of configuration in detail.

The process to configure the Spectrum email: 

Email installation:

At first, you will have to download and install the email app from the Play store. You can use any email app that you want from the play store. You are recommended not to install any third-party apps from other websites.

Setup and Configure Email Gateway- spectrum.net

  • The first step is to open the installed app of Spectrum and then input the full email ID in the username field.
  • Once you have entered the email ID, you need to choose the setup manually.
  • Also, you will have to input the full username and your password and then allow advanced settings. After that, you will see many options like IMAP settings, port like that. While using the app, it will analyze and all those things. In case you don’t find the forms to fill in automatically. Then you can go for setting up the settings manually using the following settings.

Fill in the IMAP Server and Port Details

On the basis of the email extension, you have to choose the different values. You will have to select the first configuration. Now that we are talking about Spectrum, you have to choose the second one. 

Spectrum Email Pop Server Settings Account Type: POP or POP3

  • Outbound & Inbound Password: Email Password
  • SMTP Server needs Authentication: Yes
  • Incoming Mail Server: mail.twc.com, Incoming Server – POP3 port: 110
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): mail.twc.com, Outgoing Server – SMTP port: 587
  • Inbound & Outbound User Name: Enter full email address 

Spectrum Email IMAP Settings Account Type: IMAP

  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): mail.twc.com, Outgoing Server – SMTP port: 587
  • Outbound & Inbound Password: Email Password
  • Incoming Mail Server: mail.twc.com, Incoming Server -IMAP port: 143
  • SMTP Server needs Authentication: Yes
  • Inbound & Outbound User Name: Enter full email address

Using Email App after the Verification

You can also opt for an email app like the Gmail app. In this, the main difference will be UI, but other features will be the same as Gmail. You will also receive the emails in your app, and for its smooth working, you will have to allow the sync features to get the email in real-time.

Server Settings Based on Domain:


  • Incoming Email Server: mobile.charter.net
  • Outgoing Email Server: mobile.charter.net

Brighthouse.com, bak.rr.com, bham.rr.com, cfl.rr.com, emore.rr.com, eufala.rr.com, indy.rr.com, mi.rr.com, panhandle.rr.com, tampabay.rr.com

  • Incoming Email Server: mail.brighthouse.com
  • Outgoing Email Server: mail.brighthouse.com

TWC.com and any domain ending in .rr.com not covered above

  • Incoming Email Server: mail.twc.com
  • Outgoing Email Server: mail.twc.com

This is how you can opt for setting up the Spectrum Email Server Settings. You are free to contact customer care support to know more about the settings and the steps you need to take to do this perfectly fine.


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