ways to fix iPhone error 4005

How to Fix iPhone Error 4005 in Simple Steps?

Error 4005 is one of the most common errors faced by iPhone users whenever they try to update or restore the iPhone using iTunes on their windows or Mac. Most of the time you get an error message “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored”. There could be a list of causes behind this error and you can simply fix them with the help of simple troubleshooting. Plenty of reasons may cause this error and you can very easily resolve with the help of simple steps.

Here are the quick steps to Fix iPhone Error 4005:

  • Make sure that you have the latest iTunes version in your device before updating your iOS device with it. Using an older version may cause this error 4005 of the iPhone.
  • Update the OS of your iPhone because every newer version comes with plenty of bug fixes and you can then try to update or restore after updating.
  • Restart your computer in which you are using the iTunes to update your iPhone and then you can simply fix the error 4005.
  • check your USB cable and ensure it is original because a faulty cable may also cause plenty of errors.

You can fix iPhone error 4005 in a very instant way after applying the above-given instructions. And if you still need any kind of assistance, then get in touch with the support team of the iPhone and resolve your problems easily.


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