Why does the time and date keep changing on my laptop

Time and date keep changing on my laptop

Fix time and date keep changing on my laptop

Your laptop shows time and date on the bottom right side of your laptop. You should keep it right so that it does not changes automatically. This can cause you trouble especially if you depend on your laptop for time and date.You can configure the clock in your Windows computer to sync with an Internet time server. This can be useful as it ensures your clock stays accurate. If there is situation where your time and date keeps changing from what you've previously set it to, then it might be the case that your computer is syncing with a time server. So, if you like to have the clock on your business computer set a bit ahead then it maybe that time changing without your knowledge and it could make you late for a meeting also. In order to prevent it from changing you can disable time syncing.

Steps to fix time and date keep changing on my laptop

You can follow below steps to fix time and date keep changing on my laptop:

  1. First you can right-click the time and date display which is on the right side of the Windows task bar and select "Adjust Date/Time."
  2. After that you can open the "Internet Time" tab in the "Date and Time" dialog box. This would open up and then click the "Change Settings" button. Then you can confirm the operation or type in your administrator password, if prompted.
  3. After that click to deselect the check box for "Synchronize with an Internet Time Server" and then click "OK."
  4. Now click "Apply" and "OK" to save your settings. The time and date will not change on your laptop again.

This is how you can fix time and date keep changing on my laptop.

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