How to setup Sbcglobal email on your Android phone

Setup Sbcglobal email on your Android phone

Steps to setup Sbcglobal email on your Android phone

Before you set up Sbcglobal email on android phone you need to ensure that you have correct email address and password of your account. Once you have this you can follow below steps to setup email on your Android phone:

  1. First you need to open the application menu of your android by clicking on the “Application icon” +Read More..

How to Download And Install Safari On Windows 7

Install Safari On Windows 7

Steps to Install Safari On Windows 7

Safari is popular and free web browser developed and managed by Apple. It was first released in 2003 exclusive with iOS systems.  It is a default web browser with all Apple devices. People like to use Safari, as it is user-friendly, loaded with features and very fast. It has large user base from all over the world. People also want +Read More..

How to Contact GMX Mail Support

Contact GMX Mail Support

Contact GMX Mail Support

GMX mail is also known, as Global Mail Exchange is a free email service platform based in Germany. GGMX mail is very popular and offers innovative email features to its customers. The users of GMX mail may face various technical issues, which they are not able to solve. For that they need professional and reliable GMX mail support. You may be wondering how +Read More..

How to block a website in Google Chrome browser

Block a website in Chrome browser

Steps to block a website in Google Chrome

You can use Google chrome in different devices and platforms. While using Google chrome, users may want to block certain website for different reasons. Due to limited technical expertise, we may not know how to do that. Here we will tell you how to block a website in Google chrome.

Google chrome does not have any built in +Read More..

How to Uninstall Norton antivirus

Uninstall Norton antivirus

Uninstall Norton antivirus

We all must have antivirus software in our systems to get secure from virus, malware and other online threats. There are numerous antivirus software in the market, which can be used. Norton antivirus is one of the most popular and used antivirus software companies in the world. Sometimes we may need to uninstall antivirus from our PC for various reasons. It is easy to +Read More..


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