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Don’t you expect to browse without a glitch? From now and onwards, you can follow edge browser customer service for hassle-free browsing. Depending on its huge domain experience and immense knowledge about the browsing issues, it is actively engaged in presenting an exclusive range of trouble shooting services. The entire range edge browser customer service is committed to cater is blessed with extreme level of flawlessness. Let’s have a brief picture on the range of services we are associated with.

15 Problems You May Face While Using the Edge Browser

  1. Can’t clear the browsing history in edge browser – why?
  2. Can’t change location of downloaded files – why?
  3. Why I am unable to find the browsing history in edge browser?
  4. My browser is extremely slow – how to tackle with the problem?
  5. Why my mouse hover pop-ups are not working on edge browser?
  6. Edge browser in not allowing me to change the default search engine
  7. Some of the important web portals are not loading in my computer
  8. I want to deactivate the browsing sound because it is annoying me
  9. I am unable to save some web pages in my browser – why?
  10. Drag-and-drop is not working on edge browser
  11. I am facing problem in installing the flesh player?
  12. How can I block the unwanted ads in my browser? 
  13. My password is not working – what should I do?
  14. Why my browser is stuck in an infinite loop?
  15. Why the texts are too small to read?

Support for Edge Web Browser

Owing to the user friendly approaches we follow, we have been able to attain unbelievable trust by the edge users, spread all over the world. Here, at edge browser customer service, we are catering 99% accurate services. We are also promised to enhance the accuracy percentage with the movement of time.

Our Service Range Includes -

  • How to change the text size?
  • How to change the default search engine?
  • How to find the browsing history in edge browser?
  • How to speed up the browsing performance?
  • How to save web pages in edge browser?
  • How to uninstall the edge browser?
  • How to activate/deactivate the browsing sound?
  • How to enable the drag-and-drop feature?
  • How to install the flesh player?

Why You Should Choose Us?

  • We offer well researched services.
  • We follow qualitative as well as quantitative approaches in helping the users.
  • We are instrumental in providing the entire range of services edge users look for.
  • We are reliable in deliverance.
  • We have the best set of technical minds.
  • We have separate departments for every issue.
  • We provide easy to follow methods against the critical issues.
  • We consume minimum time in solving the issues.
  • We are available for twenty four hours.

What is the Edge Web Browser Toll free Number?

Being an old user of edge web browser, you know the helpline number that is blessed with 24 hours availability. For the convenience of the new users, who have installed the browse engine in recent days, edge browser customer service is sharing its toll free number. It is 1-888-526-0333 which you need to dial for fixing a minor or major issue in this browser.