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How to solve the browsing problems in Juno?

Juno Help: A Practical Guide to Help You in Solving Your Browsing Problems

This write up is helpful for the first time users of Juno as well as the old users who are facing problems. Here we are discussing four areas that are strictly related to its use. If the discussed areas are not matching your enquired area, you can connect our Juno technical support Services. Driven by various issue specific departments, it is committed to solve all the queries related to Juno email support .

How to use alternative DNS service?

As you know, it is easy for you to access a website by using a 3G network. However, it is an effective theory when the internet is not working on a particular computer. Most of the users are making the use of ISPs while doing the job. Juno customer care support phone number likes to share that the task is easier if you make the use of an alternative DNS service. How you will do it? Well, you need to open your domain name system in this context. Else, opening the Google Public DNS is also a fruitful option.

How to solve accessibility problems in Juno?

Do you have a performance related problem? What is that? Perhaps you are unable to access any web portal or some particular sites. Or maybe your browser is not allowing you in downloading images. Or the problem is related to pdf download. Nevertheless, these issues are temporary. Here we are giving some easy to execute points.
If you refresh your browser by pressing CTRL + F5 keys, you may get the problem solved. But you need to do it at the same time you are using it. Juno technical support phone number is suggesting you to repeat the process for few occasions. Also, you could delete the unnecessary files from your computer. You might be confused, what are unnecessary files? Well, the cookies and temporary cache are needed to be erased, if you are looking forward to solve your browser related problems. In this context, you should not ignore the browser update that is elementary enough to erase out a wide array of problems.

How to delete local DNS cache?

What is DNS? What are the problems it faces? Let’s have a brief discussion here. DNS allows the IP address to be identified in words; it helps the user in remembering this quite easily. If your DNS is not working well, we suggest you to clear the local DNS cache immediately. But how will you do that? Please visit the start menu if you are using Windows OS. Open command prompt and type the below mentioned instruction. Please type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ in your command prompt bar. Hence you are supposed to hit enter.

How to use Juno webmail through experts?

Most probably you have recently installed Juno webmail in your computer, but you don’t know how to use it. And you are looking forward the answer of a question - how to use Juno webmail through experts? Let’s discuss, what you need to do in this regard? We suggest you to get a chat account which can be achieved by visiting our web portal. Otherwise, you could speak to our technical support executives by dialing the Juno technical helpline number you have saved in your sell phone. 


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