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Northwest Airlines Customer Care Number

Northwest Airlines Corp. (regularly abridged as NWA) was a noteworthy United States carrier established in 1926 and assimilated into Delta Air Lines, Inc. by way of a merger. Made official on October 29, 2008, the merger made Delta the biggest aircraft on the planet until the American Airlines-US Airways merger on December 9, 2013. Northwest kept on working under its own particular name and brand until both the air carriers integration was finished on January 31, 2010. Northwest was also operating the sixth biggest airline group in the country at that time.

However since its merger and subsequent integration with Delta Air Lines Inc., calling up Northwest’s airlines phone number or their Northwest Airlines help center number is of no use since the company exist in the present day as Delta Air Lines Inc. 

Therefore if you require any information regarding your flight or if you have any query that you wish to clear with us, you can search our online service by visiting our website 

Alternatively if you require our assistance or support, you can either call our Airlines phone number or our airlines help center number at  contact us via our website Also if you have speech or hearing disabilities, you can call us at.

However if you wish to provide feedback regarding the customer service that you faced or you wish to complain against your travel experience with us, you can call our airlines phone number or our help center number.

The company also provides live chat feature for its customers so that you can resolve your problems or queries swiftly and efficiently. If you require additional information regarding other aspects like queries related to domestic reservation sales or refund status check, you can visit their website for obtaining the airline phone numbers for these specific queries.