Office Password Recovery

How to recover the Microsoft Office password?

MS Office is widely used to manage, access and edit data or document for personal or official use. Using password for the account user can prevent Office document from any loss or damage. But it might happen that user might forget the MS Office password. MS Office password is the same password used for login to the Microsoft account.

This article describes the steps to reset the Microsoft Office password so that the user can access the Office documents. To recover the account user need to have access to alternate email address or registered phone number. If the problem of Office password recovery to recover lost MS Office password is not solved by the end of the article then it is better to contact the support professionals for help.

Here are the steps to reset the Microsoft account password without login –

  • Go to the Microsoft login page and click on the Forgot Password link.
  • Next select the radio button ‘I forgot my password’ and click Next.
  • Enter the Microsoft account address, mentioned characters and then click Next.
  • Now select a verification process for the recovery of verification code.
  • Enter the code in the specified text block and click Next.
  • User will be now in the password reset page. Create a new password for the Microsoft account.
  • Login to the MS Office using the new password and see if that works.

If user don’t have access to alternate email address or registered phone number then can use the security questions to prove the authenticity. Once the authenticity is proved user will provided the access for a password reset. Alternatively user can also dial the Microsoft Office password recovery number for help. Support professionals are the best persons to provide quick fix solution or password recovery.

There are also various password recovery tools available over the internet. User can download any tool and recover the account password. Office password recovery download tools are very helpful and if that also is not solving the problem user should not waste time in reaching out to the support professionals. Dial the helpline number and ask for assistance for the MS Office password recovery.