Opera Master Password Recovery

How to reset Opera Master Password?

To save the Opera browser sensitive information like saved passwords from outside access, the master password is used. Security of the browser is totally dependent on establishing the identity of individuals and organizations who wish to do business over internet providing secured channels. Also, through security preferences user can manage the security environment provided by Opera. Once the client certificate is installed Opera will ask you to set a master password. User should make sure that password is kept secret and is not possible. It is easy to reset Opera Master Password and this article will provide the necessary steps.

Have you forgotten the Opera Master password? Don’t worry there are ways to recover the password. Using reset option the problem can be solved and also there are applications which can be used or resetting the Opera Master password. This article will provide steps to Opera master password recovery and in case user is not able to solve the problem by the end of this article then it is recommended to contact support experts for help.

Here are the steps to reset Opera Master Password –

  • Go to ‘Tools’ and click on the option of ‘Preference’.
  • Move to the ‘Advanced’ tab now and click on of the ‘Security’ option.
  • Check whether the option ‘Use master password to protect saved password’ is enabled or not.
  • From the profile directory delete the file ‘opcert6.dat’ after closing the browser.
  • To locate the directory go to ‘Documents & Settings’ and under that user can locate folder.
  • User will now given access to change the current password.
  • Create new password for the account and this make sure there is friendly password which you can remember.
  • Finally click ‘Save’ to create new password for the Opera Master account.

Still not able to reset the master password in Opera? There are also various other ways by which it can be done. Using the Opera Master password recovery tool password can be reset. After installing the tool run ‘Opera Master Password Recovery’. Click on the ‘Remove’ button and the Master Password in the web browser will get removed automatically.

If any case user get stuck with password reset process it is better to contact the technical support professionals over Opera Master Password recover number. Support professionals provide remote solution to all the account and password related troubles. Over the helpline number get all type of alternate solutions to the browser troubles.