Paltalk Password Recovery

How to recover Lost Paltalk password?

You may forget your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can receive it by email. 

If you have registered with an invalid email address, or and out of date email address you may not be able to use this process.

If you are not a subscriber but can still log in because you have saved your password on the log in screen, you can change your password, and update your email address.

Please follow the below:

  1.  First, Log in to paltalk.
  2. Select 'setup preferences' from the file menu on the Pal List window.
  3. Select 'manage accounts' from the left hand pane of the setup preferences window.
  4. Click on the 'change password' link that appears near the top of the right hand pane of the setup preferences window.

You will then be logged into the Paltalk web site.  From there you will see a number of options on the web page that will allow you to change your password, update your email address, or enable or disable the nickname security feature.

If you select any of these features you will be asked to correctly answer the 'secret question' that you set when you registered your account.  If you do not remember this information you will not be able to proceed, and we cannot help you with retrieving your account.

You can receive a link on your Paltalk password recovery phone number