PDF Password Recovery

Quick And Easy Steps For Pdf Password Recovery

Whenever you download an encrypted PDF file, you have to enter its password. Sometimes, people applies their own password on a PDF file. But the real problem occurs when they forget their password and then feel helpless on being unable to do the PDF Password Recovery Online. So, if you are also among those, then no need to worry because in this article, you will find extremely easy steps to resolve this password recovery issue.

So, without wasting your time, let’s move on to the troubleshooting steps for the question:

how to open password protected PDF file without password online.

  • Firstly, the users should go to http://www.recoverlostpassword.com/ on their browser.
  • After that, they have to click on Files Password tab.
  • Then, they have to click on the PDF Password Recovery option.
  • After that, they should click on the Free Trial button in the blue color.
  • Then, the Smartkey file will be downloaded.
  • After that, the users have to install that file.
  • If the users know some part of that PDF password, then they have to select the Brute-force Attack option from the list.
  • They can also click on the Options button in order to set the length of their password. They can also enter some necessary tips for their password.
  • After that, the users have to click on the blue-colored Start button.
  • Then, they have to wait for few minutes. Longer password takes more time and vice-versa.
  • After few minutes, they will see a list of passwords.
  • They should then select the password, which seems to be correct and then enter that same password while opening the PDF file.

So, if you are still unable to recover your PDF password, then the best way is to dial the PDF Password Recovery Number right now.