SQL Password Recovery

Providing tips on how to reset SA password in SQL server smoothly:

SQL server is one of the relational database management system of Microsoft account which provides a complete assistance to designed full featured data base primarily, It is competitors of oracle database and MySQL too. Nowadays it has early version which so similar as the compare of previous. There are several users of SA system administration who need to log in SQL server by entering email address and password.

But unfortunately in case forgot password then one can recover its password in a way and get ready to access again in the SQL server. there are four ways to reset SA password in SQL server that allow to access SQL server mannerly.

Following tips on how to recover SQL password recovery listed below:

  • Open Microsoft device and click on the start button and press Window+r to open run command.
  • Enter Osql -L and press enter then user accesses within servers family.
  • Click to copy full name of SQL Server and type it into the sever filed.
  • Now check out the password if unable to type then click on the reset button.
  • Enter new password into the new password filed.
  • Type the same password into the Conform password filed at last.

Following the indications of 4 way to reset SA password in SQL server given below:

Method no-1
  • At first reset SA password using SSMS and click to instance of SQL Server via Windows Authentication option.
  • Click on the security and try to log in SA and then choose properties.
  • Now a password filed will be show to enter where user need to click and enter desire password into the both filed.

Method no-2

  • Open SQL and click on the SQL password recovery toll and run its SQL password recovery.
  • Click on the load master-mdf file and select SA user name.
  • Select any user name for which use forgot the password.
  • Click to change password to reset
  • Now enter the preferential password and click ok button at the end of the procedure.

Method no-3

  • Before starting the procedure use need to disable SA and move to the next
  • Start SQL server enter M flag via command and run as administrators.
  • Go to the server page and select sysadmin and reset password.
  • Enter new password into the relevant fields finally.

Method no-4

  • Go to the SQL server and go to the registry file and select SA file.
  • Select its user name and password and click on the password reset toll.
  • Click on mobile number and get verification code into the mobile device.
  • A password reset link will be generate and then enter wishful password into the fields.