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Complete and user friendly guidance to the Thunderbird mail account

What makes your Thunderbird mail account unique?

No matter whatever mail service users are accessing each of them has certain pros and cons and the same lies with Thunderbird mail account. The mail service can be used to send and receive mails to any part of the world in the quickest span of time all one require is an internet connection since it is a web based mail service. Apart from mailing operations Thunderbird mail account has got varied range of other features which it offers to all its dedicated users. Unlike other mail service it is very easy to get started with this mail service simply by following the on screen instructions. Apart from this some of the other top notch features with this mail service include one click address book, attachment reminder, multiple channel chat, tabbed email, mails can be searched across the web, quick filter toolbar, search tools, message archive, activity manager, all the modern security enhancements and also customization of the mail experience. The service can be operated in any of the mobile devices too. For further information users can always seek assistance from Thunderbird technical support number.

How to explore the features of the mail account?

It is natural that so many features are available with this mail account so users will obviously get stuck in the middle when trying to explore the features or manage the account in a better way. Sometimes due to network congestion also users may get stuck and face different kinds of issues or errors with their mail account. In such complex situations users are stuck out of their minds and they do not know what needs to be done further as a result of which users get agitated and suffer a lot of anxiety. So in order to make sure that users do not fall into such complex situations our Thunderbird customer service number is available all through the year for them so that they can enjoy unparalleled services with their mail account. The customer service team consists of highly qualified and certified technicians who offer some of the best services in the market to resolve any sort of issues or conflicts in the shortest span of time. They have some of the best troubleshooting minds and have gained years of experience to become the masters of the domain and thus they can really make things easier for the users in matter of quick span of time.

What are the issues with the Thunderbird mail account?

Let us now know some of the commonly faced issues that can be fixed by seeking certified technicians advice.

  • Unable to sync the account with a mobile device
  • Unable to send, open or download the attachments
  • Unable to send and receive mails from the account
  • Unable to reset or recover the account password
  • Installing and configuring the account
  • Messages are getting delayed in the inbox
  • Inbox is getting full all the time
  • Adding Signatures to the mail account
  • Mail account is unexpectedly shutting down on opening

How to recover Thunderbird mail account password?

Follow the below mentioned steps to recover the Thunderbird mail account password.

Step 1: Open the email client and click on “Tools” followed by “Options” and then switch to “Security” followed by “Passwords”.

Step 2: Users can then click on the mail account for which password needs to be changed and then click on “Remove” button which will ensure that when users try to login to the account in the next time they are asked to create a new password for the account.

Step 3: Users can now close and open the account to create a strong and secure password for the account.

Users who didn’t get the above mentioned steps can seek expert’s advice by dialing the 24/7 Thunderbird password recovery toll free phone number.

Thunderbird helpline number

No matter whatever the circumstances users may be in users can get one stop solution for any of the underlying issues only by dialing the 24/7 Thunderbird helpline number. The certified technicians from the customer service department will assist the users to fix any of the underlying issues by different technical assistance modes. These technical assistance modes are remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support.

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