WiFi Password Recovery

Steps to Use the WI-FI Password Recovery Tool

Do you want to crack wireless network password? Wi-Fi Password Recovery Tool enables you in recovering the forgotten WEP and WPA/WPA2 passwords of network quite easily. Here is a straightforward guideline on, how the Password Recovery works. You first need to install the Password Recovery Tool. If you have download Wi-Fi password recovery, you can install it within a couple of minutes.

Data Import

For importing wireless network data, you need to launch the recovery tool. At first, you need to import the TCPDUMP file and then the WPA-PSK password hashes (from non-working operating systems). Otherwise, you can click on the Open Project. It will help you in continuing the data import process.

Start Attack

The second stage gives you an instruction select an attack type. You, however, can do this after loading the file into the software. Once you click on the Start Attack button, five types will appear. Evert single type listed here has its own set of limitations as well as the set of requirements. We request you for selecting the most suitable one to recover forgotten Wi-Fi password. Hence, you will be able to attack the Wi-Fi password.

Mask Attack

To apply the mask attack, you need to remember the character length and first letter of your password. If it was a seven character password which starts with M, you need to define the mask as ‘M??????’ in the attack settings.

Dictionary Attack

Highly recommended, the Dictionary Attack enables you to import a dictionary which is integrated into the recovery tool. Here you can define the settings, too. So to add dictionary file or files, you need to click the Add button. The Removal key is suggested next.

Combination Attack

This is a special method as it enables you for generating all possible two-word password combinations from input dictionaries. The selection of your favorite dictionary is also possible in this method. You can also define case combination and word delimiters.

Hybrid Attack

Almost similar to the Dictionary Attack, the Hybrid Attack is actually regulated by the user. It allows you to select one or more wordlists (dictionaries). You will get the rules inside the *.rul file.

Word Attack

You can make all possible variations of the given word if you prefer to attack the password by this method. This is actually a maximized version of the Dictionary Attack.

Save the recovered password

In the last stage, you need to save and copy the recovered Wi-Fi password. This recovery tool enables you for errorless password recovery. It considers time, speed, dictionary, password, and processor load. You should know that the saving process is automatic. Once the recovery is done, the password (including Hash Number and SSID) will be saved automatically. However, you can copy the password directly. Take the benefit of Wi-Fi Password Recovery Phone Number in the case of any sort of confusion.