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Fix your EarthLink account issues with customer service phone number

Obviously you can fix your EarthLink account issues with customer service phone number, but some of those problems are being discussed here with effective troubleshooting steps. Please find whether your problem is available here or not.

I have a problem with EarthLink in MacBook Pro

Apple email retrieval from EarthLink is challenging when you are using MacBook Pro 10.8.2 Mountain Lion. It is a genuine issue, but why it comes? Even the users face problem in POP mail retrieval on Apple Mail. Whenever they try to make their login, they face a common message - logging in to the EarthLink POP server ‘’ has failed. Some other times, the screen appears a message as - user name or password is incorrect. The best way to troubleshoot this problem is to dial the EarthLink technical support phone number because it has a special unit that is filled with world class professionals. It is committed to solve your issue with optimum accuracy in your first call.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your email id or password, we request you to delete the prefetch and temporary files from your computer. Secondly, wait a few minutes before making the next attempt. However, 2 minutes are suggested here. These two methods wash out the problem in most cases. If the techniques are not appropriate for you to give the desired solution, you could check the known outages. If any defect is there, you are supposed to rectify it immediately.

DSL connection problems are irritating me

Leave all your worry to us, if you are facing any problem in your DSL connection. Let’s follow us to troubleshoot the problem. Please turn off your wireless router for few seconds. However, forty to fifty seconds are effective. In most cases, it solves out the problem because it jump starts the service again. Do not forget to check all cords and cables connected to your PC. EarthLink customer service also suggests you to connect your router with another computer that is within your reach.

Why my password is not activating?

Most probably you don’t know that the EarthLink takes 20 consecutive minutes in activating a password, no matter it is a Windows computer or Mac. If the password is not activating within this duration, you are supposed to take the fast & friendly tech support from EarthLink care team.

I am unable to access my account despite of entering the correct id and password

First of all, you are suggested to delete the prefetch and temporary files from your computer. Secondly, wait a few minutes before making the next attempt. However, 2 minutes are suggested here. These two methods wash out the problem in most cases. If the techniques are not appropriate for you to give the desired solution, you could check the known outages.

How to recover the account password?

Do not take much worry if your account has been hacked. Get the measures from technicians to fix EarthLink password reset issue! So as to recover the email password, you are instructed to open the log in window. Go to the ‘my account’ tab now. Here you will get an option as ‘I forgot my password’ which is the key for your password recovery. Select it and remember the security questions you had registered in the time of account establishment. Answer all the questions and get the account back. 

How do i set up earthlink email on iphone?

EarthLink email offers popular web based email platform to users from all over the world.  It is popular among individual users as well as business clients. It offers user-friendly interface and various innovative features. EarthLink email is easy to use and effective for managing email communication.

There are various problems, an EarthLink email user may face, one of such issue we are going to discuss here.  People often face challenges to setup EarthLink email on iPhone due to limited technical expertise. To help you out, here are the steps to set up EarthLink email on iPhone.

  • Open your iPhone and click on Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Now, Click on the Add Account option and go to Other
  • Select Add Mail Account
  • Enter in your Name, Email address, Password etc. Then click Next
  • Give sometime for iOS to confirm the account. Click on Save button
  • If your email verified, you can check the new EarthLink account at iPhone but some domain need manual setting for that follow the below steps
  • Select the IMAP option at the top
  • Under Incoming Mail Server enter EarthLink IMAP details
  • Under Outgoing Mail Server, enter EarthLink SMTP details
  • Now the iPhone will verify your settings, Click Save

If you are still not able to set up EarthLink email on iPhone, take help from our third party EarthLink technical support number. We are a leading service provider for EarthLink email in the world and have customers from all over the world. Call our EarthLink helpline number round the clock to seek the expert support for all kind of EarthLink email issues.

We provide support for following issues-
  • EarthLink email account setup and configuration
  • Sign in issue with EarthLink email
  • Not able to send and receive email
  • Password recover for EarthLink
  • Export and import data
  • Not able to attach file to email
  • EarthLink spam and other performance issues
  • Server setup for EarthLink account

We provide support for above and other common technical issues for EarthLink email exclusively. Get access to the experienced and certified email expert through our EarthLink technical support number. We assure you immediate and effective resolution of the issues at a very affordable service charge. Our EarthLink helpline number is very secure to use and we provide remote support only. So from now no more issues with your EarthLink email account, get the best support from our reliable EarthLink helpline number.

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