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Windows Live Mail is a free program that lets you send and receive emails. It works with most email addresses including those from Hotmail, Google Mail, Yahoo Mail any many other popular email services. Windows Live Mail is a great email client that allows you to view your messages offline. It is included with Windows Live Essentials Pack. You can download WLM for free. Dial the given Windows Live Mail technical support number to know how to download and install WLM for free. 

Special things about Windows Live Mail:

  1. Check messages: Click on Send / Receive icon or press F5 on the keyboard.
  2. Search mail: You can search through all your mails very easily. 
  3. Calendar on the right hand side helps you keep organized.
  4. WLM allows you to take all of your online messages and bring those messages offline so if you want to read info later, archive them or save them for any reason.
  5. You can add various accounts to WLM. Also when writing an email you can decide which email address you like to send email from.
  6. Another nice thing about WLM is that you can add a photo album to your mail very easily.

Dial the given Windows Live Mail customer service number to know and understand the features and functions of WLM. Dial the number to get online guidance, instructions and solutions on how to use the features and functions of WLM.

How to change email password in Windows Live Mail

  1. First you need to change your email account password in your hosting account. Launch a web browser. Sign in to your webmail account and change the password.
  2. You’ll also have to change the password in Windows Live Mail so that you continue to be able to send and receive email messages.
  3. Launch Windows Live Mail app.
  4. To change your email password in WLM, first right-click on your account name.
  5. Select Properties from the menu.
  6. Go to Servers tab.
  7. Delete the old password and enter the new password.
  8. Click on OK button.

You now know how to change your email password in WLM. Call the experienced technical experts to get online assistance for Windows Live Mail Password Recovery, reset and change. 

How to add email account to WLM?

  1. Launch the WLM application.
  2. Go to Accounts and click Email icon.
  3. A box will open. It will ask for your email address. Enter your email address and password.
  4. Make sure Remember this password is ticked.  
  5. Enter your display name. Click on Manually configure server settings. Click on Next button.
  6. On the next screen select your server type. Enter incoming and outgoing server addresses and port numbers. For logon username enter your full email address. Click on Next button. It will say your account has been added. 
  7. Click on Finish button.  

Dial the given Windows Live Mail Helpline Number to get online guidance on how to add email account to the Windows email client. Dial the helpline number to know the steps of adding Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AT&T, Sudden link and other email accounts to Windows email client. Dial the number to get online assistance on how to download WLM, how to configure email account in WLM, how to sync contacts with WLM, how to recover password, etc. Contact the certified tech experts now on the helpline number.

Windows live mail customer service

Windows live mail is a freeware email client from Microsoft. You can run it on windows 7, Windows server 2008 R2 and Windows 8 and Windows live mail is also compatible with Windows 10. Windows live mail is successor to Windows mail and it has all the features of Windows mail plus additional features. There are millions who use windows live mail and in the time of trouble with windows live mail they seek windows live mail customer service for help.

Obtain quick Windows live mail support from experts online

When you need quick support on windows live mail you can obtain it quickly from the experts online. Our online experts are working 24/7 to offer you quick solution as they are well versed with windows live mail and issues that occur with it. You can get help online where our experts give you the solution in real time.

Windows live mail technical support number

Though windows live mail is a technically very sound email platform still it does create some technical glitches which disturb the users of it. In such situations you all have to do just one thing and that is to dial windows live mail technical support number.

Errors in receiving and sending mail

When using windows live mail you may face errors in receiving and sending mails. When using Windows Live Mail as your e-mail client, you might need to adjust a send/receive setting to solve this issue. You see better results when you set the automatic cycle to a lower value, such as five minutes, or even as low as one minute.

You can follow below instructions to change the time to check for new messages in Windows Live Mail.

  1. First you need to click Menu > Options > Mail.
  2. After that in the Options window, click the General tab, then scroll down to the Send / Receive Messages section and here select the check box Check for new messages every. You can change the value for minutes here as desired.
Unable to block unwanted people or emails

If you are getting unwanted emails from some people then you would like to block those unwanted people or emails. So to add a sender to your list of blocked senders in Windows Live Mail you can follow below steps:

  • First highlight a message from the undesired sender in the message list.
  • Here you need to make sure the Home ribbon is active.
  • Then click the down arrow beneath Junk in the Home ribbon.
  • After that select Add sender to blocked sender list from the menu.
  • Now you need to select Add sender's domain to blocked sender list from the menu to block messages not only from this sender but from all addresses at the same domain.
Bumper spam mails in your mailbox

When you are getting too many spams in your mailbox you want to reduce it. You can block the sender to do so. When there is a junk mail message from someone, you can right-click it in the Message list and then choose Junk E-Mail >Add Sender to Blocked Sender List from the pop-up menu that appears. Live Mail will display a confirmation dialog box to let you know that the offending sender has been added to your Blocked Sender list and that the message has been moved to your Junk E-Mail folder.

Unable to set a filter check on junk emails

If you are unable to set filter check on junk emails in windows live mail you can follow below steps ro set a filter check;

  • First open Windows Live Mail.
  • Then choose Actions and then Junk E Mail.
  • Select Safety.
  • Now, you can make the desired selection here. There would be a couple of security level.
  • You can choose High: Most junk e-mail is caught, but some regular mail may be caught as well. Check your Junk email folder often.
  • Check the box accordingly. You are recommended to report the junk email to the Microsoft and their partners.
  • If you selecting permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it into the Junk E-mail folder then it can also delete some of the legitimate emails and you will not be able to acknowledge it.
  • Now click OK.
  • This is how you successfully set the filter check.

If your problems still persist which you are not able to solve then you should dial windows live mail customer service number.

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